“Everything Comes Back in Style” on display in Viral Influence: Art in The Time of Coronavirus at The Arvada Center

Everything Comes Back in Style is currently on display in the Salon at the Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities, in Arvada, Colorado.

Arvada Center Viral Influence Salon
Arvada Center Salon Exhibit – Viral Influence: Art in The Time of Corona Virus. photo credit: Arvada Center

The show has an interactive audio component so viewers have the opportunity to hear from each artist. In addition to the in-person show at the Arvada Center, the art and audio tour can be accessed online here:


Everything Comes Back in Style, by Sandra Dalton (framed)

Description of the show from the Arvada Center:

“In the midst of Colorado’s stay-at-home order in early March 2020, local artists did what they do best: they continued to create. Some responded directly to the pandemic through the use of the new, changing imagery of society–face masks, sourdough bread, and quiet scenes at home. Others lost access to studio space and supplies, forcing them to get creative with kitchen-table studios and household materials. The artworks from this time capture the impacts of the pandemic on individuals and communities, portraying isolation, adaptation, despair, connection, distance, and closures.

Recognizing this outpouring of creativity from artists across Colorado, the Arvada Center asked for submissions of artwork created during the state’s response to the pandemic. Open from March – October 2020, the call garnered over 1,000 submissions of work from across the state. This exhibition showcases 259 works by 168 artists, offering a comprehensive overview with works of all mediums, subject matters, and processes.”

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