I Made a Pinhole Camera DSLR

I decided to make a pinhole camera. My first instinct was to build one from scratch, but since developing isn’t realistic for me right now, I used my old DSLR with the body cap for the pinhole. It’s fast and easy and you get to see the results right away. It only took a few […]

“Everything Comes Back in Style” on display in Viral Influence: Art in The Time of Coronavirus at The Arvada Center

Everything Comes Back in Style is currently on display in the Salon at the Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities, in Arvada, Colorado. The show has an interactive audio component so viewers have the opportunity to hear from each artist. In addition to the in-person show at the Arvada Center, the art and audio […]

Title Suggestions?

I took this photo during the supermoon in March. Thanks, Alan, for the head’s up to go outside and get the shot! There’s something about this one that really moves me, When I downloaded it from the camera and could really see it, I knew my normal print size wasn’t going to work. I’ve been […]

Iris and the Articulated Screen

Photographing Iris is a challenge. She’s jumpy. If you look at her for very long, she jumps up and moves around. Trying to get photos at her level is particularly challenging. And, getting close-ups has been next to impossible. She doesn’t like it when I move much at all when she is close. I’ve taken […]

Photo Stories: Stash Stalking the Amazing Mr. Tom

This photo was taken during one of my favorite sessions. I was able to get some amazing shots of three generations of formerly feral cats – Mr. Tom, his daughter Stash, and her daughter Iris. All were successfully TNR’d long before this shoot, but when I took these photos, the only one of the three […]

Adding Photos and Stories

Right now I am working on adding more photos to the site and adding some of the stories about the photos, so you’ll know a little bit about who you’re looking at or the backstory on the scene. I know that is something i always enjoy. Figured you would too. The photo featured here is […]

Happy New Year! I did it!

I have finally launched my revamped photography website! I set a goal of having it up and ready by today, January 1st, and here it is. There will still be many changes and additions in the weeks to come. As long as I am creating new art, it will be a work in progress. This […]